• Image of RVT Copper Lighter Sleeve

Solid copper sleeve made to fit standard size Bic lighters. Sleeves are tight fitting and reusable.

** MUST be used with a plain, solid color bic lighter with the warning label removed. The plastic sleeve on the designer lighters and the warning sticker on the side of the lighter will prevent proper installation if not removed**

To install lighter: Remove any plastic sleeve or warning labels from the side of the lighter. Slide copper lighter sleeve over the top of the lighter until tight. Tap the bottom of the lighter on a counter or tabletop to seat lighter into sleeve.

To remove lighter: Push the top of the lighter against a hard surface until it begins to slide out of the sleeve. Pull the lighter from the bottom to complete removal from sleeve.

Rowan Valley Tactical is the home of the original copper lighter sleeve.

Due to shipping restrictions, the sleeves are shipped without a lighter.

*patina will vary slightly from picture*

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